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Stop just ‘reading’ these “blogging tips” and put them into action!

I tell people every single day things they need to be doing to get more exposure, better traffic, and more search engine love to to their blog, yet when I talk to them later on in the week nothing has been put into action. The information is not going to do you a damn bit of good if there is no action.

I have been cranking out a ton of stuff today on my personal websites, as well as clients, and it got me thinking about what every blogger should have set up on his/her blog. Trust me, the list is bigger than what I am giving, but I have narrowed it down to what I believe are the most important tips for the newbie blogger.

  1. Upgrade your software ... or else! If you are using free blogging software/programs such as WordPress make sure you are using the latest version. (Just got done with the upgrade last night and it was painless).
  2. Spam Filters - Don't waste brain space reading even just one annoying piece of spam. Use spam filtering software like http://akismet.com/ (easy plugin for WordPress users) Here is a great list of other (WordPress) tools you can use to protect yourself from spam http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugins/Spam_Tools
  3. Turn your comments ON - No matter what Seth Godin says about comments, leave your comments on. Being a newbie, you are not Seth Godin (I am not Seth Godin) and feedback can be useful.
  4. Pinging - WordPress has great pinging features that will allow you to automatically ping "blog aggregator" sites and notify them of updated posts. Make sure you include all the big ones in there like Technorati and Feedburner. There are a ton of them folks, but at least remember the "big ones".
  5. My Blog Log - There are sites out there that bring the community of "bloggers" together, and My Blog Log is probably my favorite. It just flat out rocks. And taking the lead from Stuntdubl.
  6. Tools and widgets - Sites like My Blog Log, Technorati and Feedburner have awesome tools and widgets that help with tracking, viewing what member visits, easy "add to" buttons and "chicklets". Make sure you get these tools on your blog! It makes it easy for community users, and is very sexy social media marketing for your site.
  7. Trackbacks - Turning trackbacks on can let you be aware of who is blogging about you and linking to your post. If you have been weary of trackbacks in the past due to spam then read #2 above.
  8. Del.icio.us - Make sure you are using the tools that Del.icio.us offers to website owners that allow easy add to network, and many other cool tools for making your site SMM (Del.icio.us) friendly.

Thats it for now. I have a pretty back headache and want to stop thinking. This post has some pretty powerful tools laid out to make bloggers more successful, what is done with the info is another story!

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