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Supplemental Results in Google

It looks like Google is getting back to normal (whatever that is). Sites that were having most of their pages taking out of the index are now returning. The problem that a lot of site owners are now having is most of the pages coming back are being put into the supplemental index.

The supplemental index in Google is when you see the words "Supplemental Results" next to the URL in Green. This means that Google feels that page is very similar to another page in content. So similar that it doesn't rank them as well. It is kind of like internal duplicate content.

The best way to see if your site is having this problem is to do a site: search like this and look at the results for each page. In this example you will see some supp results. Right now I'm not worried about the results for this blog because it seems as though it is Google's problem since every post is totally unique.

However if you do it for your site and all your pages meta tags are very similar and your content is similar than I would look into testing some things. Definitely if your meta data is the same change it right way and reference our post on Google Ranks Web Pages not Web Sites . Basically think of what it might be that is making Google think that it is not a unique page and then change it, test it and watch it. If it is totally unique like our posts are leave it alone spend your valuable time on something else and wait and watch.

Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett is the Founder and CEO of 97th Floor.

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