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I Hate My Job - 3 Reasons I Quit My Job and Started at 97th Floor

I hate my job.

A sentence I thought I would never mutter. My overall optimistic, go-get’em attitude had always been one of my greatest strengths. Yet, after only six months, I was dreading going into work every day. But this was part of being and adult. To get ahead in my career I had to put in the drudge work, right? I’d have to put in the long hours in a job that I didn’t like, but that would look good on my résumé. I could just push through it and years down the road it would be worth it.

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Why 97th Floor Has a Book Club, and Your Company Should Too

Reading is a wonderful thing. It puts new ideas into your brain. It fosters creativity, new concepts and learning. It has taken me to some amazing places over the past few months. I have walked with Phil Knight around the world and into Japan to get a manufacturer for his future Nike shoes. I spent time with Ed Catmull at the Pixar campus learning how to overcome obstacles that stifle creativity. I won’t soon forget the lessons of extreme ownership from the streets of IRAQ with Navy SEAL officers Leif Babin and Jocko Willink. I took these journeys and many more with the 97th Floor book club.

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97th Floor is a Great Place To Work

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97th Floor and the NBA's Greatest: 4 Elements of a Magic Team

Once every few decades there is a team: a team so enviable in its greatness that you can’t help but feel magic every time you glimpse at them. In the NBA, you might remember teams like the ’14-’15 Golden State Warriors, the ‘95-’96 Chicago Bulls, and the ‘85-’86 Boston Celtics. Breaking down why these teams are so great is something people rarely do, but only by breaking down the “why” are we able to recreate a magic team in any environment.

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