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Content Creation: Using The "People Also Ask" Feature to Create Quality Content

What is Quality Content?

If you read anything about SEO or creating content you have probably seen people say that content is king and that you need to write high-quality content. Perhaps you have heard or read about the idea of “10x content,” the notion that you should be aiming to create content that is at least 10 times better than what others in the market are doing. Ask organic marketers what “quality content” is and you'll get a myriad of answers/opinions. Quality is frivolous, and views of quality vary from person to person.

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3 Tips for Developing New Content When You’ve Hit a Creative Wall

Working in the digital marketing world, we have all had those moments where we hit a creative wall. You want to create innovative and engaging content, but you’ve been pumping out infographics, blog posts, and all other types of content for the same product for months, and you’ve finally hit your breaking point. Sound familiar? If you haven’t had this happen to you, let me know your secret, but for everyone else I have put together three tips to help get you out of your creative rut and reinvigorate your content marketing campaigns.

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