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Help Me Help You - What is CRO and How to Optimize Your Conversion Funnel

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Conversion Killers in Copywriting

There’s a lot of work that goes into getting customers to the right page. But often you’ll find that once they’re there, they aren’t converting. That’s probably because you’re making a simple mistake that is killing all those leads. I’ll give you a list of five of those possible killers, but it’s up to you to crack the case and uncover the real reason your leads are not converting.

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Your Website is Generating Traffic…Now What? (CRO Basics)

Companies often wonder why they have invested so much time and money into their site if it can’t even meet the most realistic conversion goals. The most basic SEO and PPC strategies can prepare your site to generate traffic, but only after you have studied your website’s visitor behaviors will you get closer to maximum returns from the generated traffic. That is where conversion rate optimization comes in.

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