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Don't Be Cute, Be Creative

I hate people who say, “I wish I was creative.”

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Kick up a Storm: 5 Essential Tips for an Effective Brainstorm

Brainstorm. At best it can be a creative utopia, where the ideas are flowing and you wind up convinced you have just dreamed up the next “Just Do It.” But at worst, it can feel more like a necessary chore, where you struggle to get excited about any idea, no matter how good its potential.

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A Look at Our Bookshelf: Books that Keep us Sharp at 97th Floor

Reading. It’s something you probably do every day. You read tweets, and emails, and Slack messages. But why do you read?

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How Clay Christensen's Jobs to be Done Theory Works in an Agency

“If you don’t have A.D.D. before working at an agency, you will after.”

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EE20/20 Takeaways: The Hovering Boss, How Micromanagement Kills a Positive Culture

97th Floor CEO and Founder Chris Bennett did an interview with Employee Experience 2020, presented by Zenefits. These are the takeaways.

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