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Behind the scenes of Design: Color - OR - The Power of Color

Color has a place in every visual a company creates. From logos and branding to billboards and social media ads, color impacts how the audience views and perceives the company as a whole. Color has the power to inform, attract attention, engage an audience, create a visual experience, and can even increase memory.

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The Unmistakeable Hues of Brand Colors: A Lesson On Color Stories

80% of our human experience is filtered through our eyes. So what’s the most immediate visual signifier that grabs our attention? Color. Without even getting into color theory, and the psychology of color (although important), color at the most basic perception is perhaps the boldest brand indicator. Colors queue consumers to your industry, taps into familiarity, and can certainly go out of style. Let’s take a look at the story of 4 iconic colors, and the colorology questions they pose to your brand and brand colors.

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Creating a Successful Infographic

With diminishing attention spans, more information than most know what do with, and few ways to sort it, how do you make your information stand out? A well structured infographic has the ability to convey boring or complex ideas in a fun, easy to digest way.

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Standing Out: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In a world where information moves faster than the speed of light and is produced almost as fast, it is important to stand out. The key to standing out is a well designed visual. Humans not only respond faster but also retain more information from images and graphics than from text alone. Visuals are also easily shared, which leads to more views, links, and better search engine optimization.

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Why Design Matters: The Psychology of Design

We make daily decisions on what brands we choose to engage with, what brands have earned our trust, and what brands compel us to spend money. How do we make those decisions?

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