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How To Write A Professional Email + Email Templates

Whether you are performing PR outreach, doing email marketing for your business, making formal job inquiries, or engaging in basic email communication, the professionalism required for writing a high-quality email is universal. That said, the level of formality required will change depending on your relationship with the recipient. Let’s talk about how to write a professional email.

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Questions and Answers: How to Use Forms and Surveys for Marketing

Focus groups and market research have been the poster children for where to ask questions for marketing purposes. Things have changed a bit in the digital age. We have websites, emails, social media and various other media where we can now catch visitors and potential customers to get more information about them. This shift to the digital has given online forms and surveys a great place to flourish and help your business to grow.

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Multiple Products, Multiple Messages, One Slick Email Campaign

Email is dead.

I love hearing others say this because frankly, it’s not true. Email can easily become your company’s money making machine — if you simply spend a little time defining the “job to be done” with email marketing, crafting a killer strategy, then sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

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Email Marketing Metrics You Need To Track (and Which You Can Settle Down About)

Despite the onslaught of spammers and irresponsible marketers, email marketing is here to stay. The ROI is insanely high. In fact, recent research suggests that the average return on email marketing is $44 for every $1 spent. Not to mention the flood of data regarding email marketing out there, there's no excuse to avoid email marketing.

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