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Questions and Answers: How to Use Forms and Surveys for Marketing

Focus groups and market research have been the poster children for where to ask questions for marketing purposes. Things have changed a bit in the digital age. We have websites, emails, social media and various other media where we can now catch visitors and potential customers to get more information about them. This shift to the digital has given online forms and surveys a great place to flourish and help your business to grow.

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Quick SEM Strategy: Using Google to Steal Business from Competitors

Imagine if you could find your competitors’ dissatisfied customers and market directly to them. Or imagine tactfully stealing away a portion your competitors’ business by specifically targeting consumers that were looking to switch products/services. Depending on your given industry, this may be far easier than you imagined. All it takes is some strategic keyword research, and you can quickly know exactly how to launch an SEM campaign that targets dissatisfied consumers.

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