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Retargeting Based on Intent

When I tell people what I do for a living,  “Ads are annoying!” is often repeated over and over. Facebook feeds, websites, and the online experience as a whole is filled with ads. But why do so many share the popular opinion that ads are annoying?  The truth about ads is this: The wrong ads sent to the wrong people are annoying; the right ad to the right person, however, is rarely viewed as annoying. In fact, I would argue it’s not even seen as an ad. Done right, ads become informative doorways that help the user accomplish something they were already striving for. So what exactly is it that makes a good ad, an ad that acts as one of these informative doorways? Retargeting. And not just retargeting, but retargeting done right

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Saying Goodbye to Google AdWords and Saying Hello to Five of Google Ads Best New Features

Say goodbye to Google AdWords and say hello to Google Ads! On June 27th, Google announced a rebrand of their advertising platform. On July 24th, Google AdWords became Google Ads.

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3 Ways To Update Your PPC Campaign Management Strategy

The platforms we PPC-ers use change constantly. Google and most other major advertising platforms are investing considerable resources into their software development, which means the software itself is going to behave differently. If these platforms are changing, so should our strategies. Here are the top three ways that I personally have had to adjust my PPC campaign management strategy to better take advantage of the platforms I’m advertising in.

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Twitter Interest Category List

When I find myself planning a new Twitter campaign, I often look online for a list of Twitter's target interests that I may want to use. I am often left wanting as I cannot find a comprehensive list outside of creating a campaign. To me, this isn't ideal. I like to brainstorm and write out my campaigns on paper or in excel before I create a new campaign in the engine.

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Your Website is Generating Traffic…Now What? (CRO Basics)

Companies often wonder why they have invested so much time and money into their site if it can’t even meet the most realistic conversion goals. The most basic SEO and PPC strategies can prepare your site to generate traffic, but only after you have studied your website’s visitor behaviors will you get closer to maximum returns from the generated traffic. That is where conversion rate optimization comes in.

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