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Building Trust with Your Customers Online

Creating great customer relationships is an essential step in growing your business. It's common knowledge that trust is a crucial building block in any relationship but, how can you build that trust with your customers? We’re living in the digital age and the internet serves as a great platform in both forming trust, and wrecking it. It’s essential to know which online platforms can have the biggest impact on your business reputation and in turn, affect your customer’s trust and loyalty to your brand.

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How to Bury Ripoff Report in 6 Months or Less


Nothing is worse than having a disgruntled customer. Bad business exchanges happen, but just because they happen doesn’t mean that anyone is necessarily at fault. Murphy’s law seems to come into full force and things start to fall apart. For example, your key employee sleeps in late causing mayhem in your business. You as the business owner are then left to extinguish the fires, appease customers and pull things back together. As the dust settles, you notice there is a negative listing showing up when people Google your business’ name. That darn listing is a result of the tornado that ripped through your business a month ago. What do you do?

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Tips for Auditing Your Company's Wikipedia Content

When helping clients with their online reputation, Wikipedia is often a top concern. Wikipedia results show up on the first page of Google in 46% percent of searches, which means that Google takes Wikipedia very seriously as a resource. Thus, a negative, incorrect, or misleading company page on Wikipedia would be dangerous to ignore should a company wish to maintain a positive online reputation.

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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Quick Wins For Organic Success

It is common for new clients to approach us at 97th Floor aspiring to make their website more relevant in search, and improve the visibility of their products and services to interested searchers. This is why SEO is synonymous with improving organic rankings for relevant search results. However, many people don’t connect SEO to ORM (Online Reputation Management), where many similar components of strategy are exercised.

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97th Floor Announces New Growth Department Led by Shante Schroeder

The coming of a new year invites change and growth, and 97th Floor is prepared to do just that. This January, we will be adding a new Growth Department to help build our brand and increase our sphere of influence. The Growth Department will handle 97th Floor’s own marketing and communications. Additionally, it will be responsible for all revenue which includes new sales and renewals.

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