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Get ROI Using Social Media

Social media. Don’t go rolling your eyes and hitting the back button just yet.

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Who’s Your Audience: Leveraging Facebook Analytics

Facebook knows a lot about you – like your age, gender, income and even whether you rent or own a home. You thought you were the expert Facebook stalker!

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Creating a Solid LinkedIn Advertising Strategy

If you are looking for a killer LinkedIn strategy then look no further. This is most likely the best LinkedIn Ad strategy available, particularly because it was originally developed by AJ Wilcox, the pioneer of LinkedIn advertising. Everything worthwhile that I’ve learned about LinkedIn ads has come from him, and our implementation of his strategies has brought some spectacular results. I will walk you through a simplified strategy development and implementation of the best LinkedIn campaigns you will ever set eyes on.

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YouTube SEO Best Practices

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Cognitive Biases

In the world of digital marketing, we talk about Google on a daily basis. We talk new techniques and tools that help us understand how to optimize for search engines. Something of equal importance is keeping our strategies for optimizing with our human audience up to date. Just as Google has preferences in how content is presented, humans do as well through their cognitive biases.

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