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[Webinar] Do This, Not That: Design for Non-Designers

Design is hard. Even simple design and especially if you have no idea how to make what you have in your head a reality, or if what you do have feels off, not knowing how to pinpoint exactly what isn’t working. In this webinar we break down what to do and maybe even more helpful what not to do in terms of getting good design every time. Taught by Senior Enterprise Designer Maggie Call.

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[Webinar] Heat Mapping and Turning User Metrics into Actionable CRO Data

With heat mapping and user tracking, improving your online revenue is now a science more than just an art. In this webinar we show you how to track the right user metrics and then turn that data into actionable sales funnel improvements. Taught by Campaign Manager Cameron Johnson.

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[Webinar] Rank Zero: Beating Your Competition with Featured Snippets

Rank zero is a new playground where you can outpace your competition fast and efficiently. In this webinar we show you how you can use the digital landscape and your current rankings to quickly surpass those dominating ranks 1-5 and hit that coveted rank zero spot. Taught by Enterprise Campaign Manager Cole Rieben.

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[Webinar] Blocking Spam Traffic Efficiently with Google Analytics

One you determine what metrics to track and measure against, ensuring your data sets are free from unwanted and unnecessary “extra” or spam is imperative. In this webinar we focus on how to set up Google Analytics to do the heavy lifting and thereby provide peace of mind that comes from pulling clean and accurate reports. Taught by Campaign Manager and Google Analytics expert Barrett Dastrup.

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[Webinar] Which SEO Metrics Matter and Which Do Not

When it comes to SEO strategy, there are so many metrics you to consider but it’s only helpful when you know which ones you need to consider in order to move the bottom line.  In this webinar we covered the metrics that matter and discernment in selecting said metrics, thereby eliminating or removing reliance on the metrics that do not matter.

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