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Title Wave: Article Title Naming Tips that Will Leave You Swimming in Options

The greatest article title ever written is one whose source is actually difficult to pin down. Some claim that it appeared in the New York Times while others argue that it came from Sports Illustrated magazine (and still others claim that the original source was a photo caption rather than a title). I guess what I’m trying to say is that I would link to the original source if I could. I can’t, so feel free to attribute it to me if you’d like.

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6 Tips to Take Your Blog Writing to the Next Level

As a content writer, I’m always looking for new blogs to discover and subscribe to. From sports to entertainment, breaking news and lifestyle, the internet has tons of blog type articles to sift through. Obviously, some are more educational and better quality than others.

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Cutting Your Way to Clean Copy

Ask a dozen people who their favorite writers are, and you’re likely to hear a dozen different answers.

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What Marketers Should Know About Writers

Quality writing is essential for most marketing strategies to be successful. That means marketers and writers need to work together to carry out their plans. Of course, results can vary widely, and if the collaboration between writer and marketer is poor, chances are the campaign will suffer. Communication between the two sides is certainly important, but shoddy cooperation usually stems from a lack of understanding.

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Troublemakers: Learning the Rules (So You Can Break Them)

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.”

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