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The many faces of SPAM

Let's take a few paragraphs to talk about your website, and what to avoid in order to not be considered SPAM. Most know about spam you get in your inbox everyday, and pop ups etc. Something that a-lot of people don't realize is certain websites are nothing more than SPAM. They are a problem, but are not going away. As good as search results get these black hat seo guys still find ways to get their spammy sites to the top of the search engine results. As long as there is money to be made there will always be spam. It will eventually catch up with them, and they will have to start over. We are doing this business for real and long term and you should never cheat your way to the top.

How to avoid being considered spam:

Improve the color of your website: Believe it or not certain websites can be considered spammy by the way they look. Have all the colors consistent and use some sort of a CSS to keep all the font size, link colors and pages uniform.

Clean up all pages: Make sure you do not have any pages on your site that do not look like the other ones with unrelated content.

Crazy naming: Avoid long and over hyphenated webpage names and folder names. Also subdomains that have nothing to do with the main point of your website.

Keyword spamming: Be careful to not over use main keywords in the content (or title tag, meta-description or keywords) in a way its un-easy to read and does not flow well.

Ads: If you come across a site that has ads in the top left (or anywhere the content should be) of the page it's probably a good indication that it's a spammy site.

Keep all content uniform and to the subject, as well as stay consistent with the color, font and feel of the site, and not over-use keywords and stuff anywhere (so the site is easy to read) and you will be ok. Some of this seems elementary, but I am amazed at how many people do the simple stuff wrong still!

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