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The Marketing Octopus: What You Get With 97th Floor

Updated Dec 9, 2021.


Marketing teams should be like octopuses.

Hear us out: Did you know that every one of an octopus’ eight arms has its own brain? It’s true. Sure, the octopus’ central brain (the one in its head) handles all of the big picture stuff — evading predators, finding food, etc. — but when it comes to controlling eight slippery tentacles, it’s all about delegation. Those arms are chock full of neurons, which make up a series of fully-functioning nervous systems capable of operating completely independently. Simply put, the central brain decides what to do, and the tentacles figure out how to make it happen.

A collection of minds, all working towards a common goal, but each with the freedom and resources to find the best possible path to that goal — the lesson here isn’t too difficult to see.

Today’s marketing isn’t what it was twenty, ten, or even five years ago. It’s no longer enough to just put your product in front of your audience and wait for the customers to come rolling in. Modern marketing efforts require a multifaceted approach across a range of media. That means that for a marketing team to be able to get the job done, it needs professionals who understand the intricacies of organic marketing, specialists in advertising, talented designers who can create eye-catching imagery, and experienced writers who know what kind of copy connects with clients. And tying them all together, it needs a big-picture focused campaign manager who understands marketing strategy.

It needs to think like an octopus.

And with 97th Floor, that’s exactly what you get.



When you hire 97th Floor, you’re hiring a marketing agency that comes with all of the talent and skills it needs baked right in. Every team is an octopus. Every team member is an arm. And every arm has the autonomy to get you the results that matter, in the most effective way possible. Every team at 97th Floor incorporates specialists with the following skill sets:

  • Organic marketing
    Most of your customers are on the internet, and that means that when they go looking for the kinds of solutions you can provide, chances are their first stop is the online search engine. Our organic marketers know how to help your site reach the top of the search results, ethically and naturally (no black-hat shenanigans here), so you can get found by the clients who need you.
  • Advertising
    Sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money. With advertising from 97th Floor, you’ll get quality-crafted paid ads relevant to your audience, prominently displayed where clients will encounter them. That means search results. It means social media. It means banner ads. 97th Floor knows how to navigate the complexities of paid advertising, for low investment, high returns, and optimal conversions.
  • Design
    Humans are very visual animals. If something doesn’t look interesting, there’s a good chance that your customers won’t be, well, interested. When you’ve only got a fraction of a second to make a statement before the client clicks on the ‘back’ button, 97th Floor has the design chops to draw your audience in. From shareable social media graphics, to stunning interactives, to webpage visuals that enhance any site, 97th Floor will put pen to paper (or stylus to graphics tablet) to create engaging imagery for your business.
  • Content Marketing
    From the results that follow a search query, through the lines that make up a Facebook post, to the sentences that comprise an ebook, communication always seems to come down to words. That’s why 97th Floor makes sure to bring the wordsmiths in house. Every team includes its own content marketer who is an expert copywriter, and fully versed in SEO best practices. And best of all, unlike agencies that outsource their content, 97th Floor content marketers take personal ownership in the content that guides your company's success.
  • Strategy and Client Relations
    Having a range skills on a single team is great, but without a sense of direction, all of those different arms might as well be pulling in completely different directions. That doesn’t work for the octopus, and it certainly doesn’t work with marketing. That’s why 97th Floor’s team structure is built around experienced campaign managers. With a talent for strategy and an in-depth understanding of what makes marketing tick, campaign managers help keep everyone on the same page.

With 97th Floor, there’s no juggling freelance specialist, no requesting work hours from across various departments, and no forcing square shaped problems through circular holes; just a unified marketing organism that knows how to navigate complex industry waters and find the right fish to grow your business.

So take a cue from the octopus; invest in a marketing agency that incorporates the skills and the autonomy necessary to bring you and your audience together. With 97th Floor, marketing is an ocean of possibilities.  


christopher fosse

Christopher Fosse

Director of Writing

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