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You will be able to submit to the Microsoft Small Business Directory Again!

I have been getting notified by the MS Small Business Directory (Submit It) about changes to all my directory listings and submit it program about to happen. I am actually excited about this for a few reasons. The submit it tools they offered were crap anyway, and the only thing I ever used the service for was the directory submission. When they no longer accepted new directory submissions a few months back it really bummed me out because it was one of the (few) good things that Microsoft had left.

It looks like they are bringing it back:

"Effective May 18th 2006 at 3:00pm Pacific Daylight Time, the bCentral Small Business Directory will be retired. In its place, we are offering existing Submit It! customers and others who currently have a bCentral Small Business Directory listing a free, grandfathered listing in the new Microsoft Small Business Directory. While we will be preserving the current directory's link friendliness and search ranking value, slight changes will be made in the way the directory appears to the public and how you may alter your listing. "

The only thing that I needed to see (in regards to my current listings that I have paid for) is the link friendliness and search ranking value. It really is a great tool and directory for those reasons. If they bring it back with those in mind still I will use it all day. I love directories that actually bring value and traffic. Most directories do not bring traffic or value.

Good job (and KUDOS) for Microsoft bringing this back.

If you like the current information and its up to date in your SBD listing then you do not have to do anything (you will be grandfathered in), but if you want to make some changes to some anchor text, or update some pages that may no longer be live then do it quick. May 11th 2007 is the cut-off date for directory listing updates. I really hope that the New Microsoft Small Business Directory will be as awesome (and powerful) as the old one.

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