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The People of 97th Floor: Working with the Best

Year after year, 97th Floor is voted one of the greatest places to work, wins numerous company culture awards and is recognized with even more awards for the amazing work we provide for our clients. None of this would be possible without all of the spectacular employees who do great work on a regular basis.

Because of my zealous love for and promotion of the company, some people accuse me of drinking the 97th Floor Kool-Aid. There is often a disconnect that I don’t know how to overcome when talking to people about the company, but I think I finally figured it out.

To me, it doesn’t matter what name 97th Floor has, how it’s structured, or what benefits it offers. What makes 97th Floor what it is to me are the wonderful employees, my coworkers who work alongside me each day. This is my ode to them.

Why should you care? If you’re a client, these are some of the people who will be running your account and getting you results. If you’re a potential employee, these are the people you could be working with. To everyone else, these are the people you should model your work ethic after and how you should want your company to operate.

I am trying to be conscious of people’s time and so won’t mention every single person I work with. However, I would like to touch upon some of those with whom I have had the honor of working directly.


PJ Howland

Campaign manager extraordinaire and the consummate professional, PJ is knowledgeable about your company’s needs and always willing to lend an ear. Success is always around the corner when you let PJ work his magic. There will be some laughs and some hard truths, but ultimately there will be results.


Jon Hammond

He often makes up sayings that aren’t real, and I think that says enough. Optimistic to the extreme and never afraid of the next challenge, Jon will get your company where you need it to be, and you will be laughing and smiling the entire time.


Jaclyn Gannon

Jaclyn is very no-nonsense and always ready to get down to business. I call her “Gannon the Cannon” because she comes out guns a-blazing to get to work and make changes happen for you. And once business is finished, she is a lot of fun.


Wayne Sleight

You would never know he’s the COO — but in a good way. He is down to earth and always working to make 97th Floor better for both its clients and its employees. Wayne always has time to listen to you, and more importantly, after he’s finished listening, he acts.


Sam Brown

Sam is organized to the max and does not let a single thing slip through the cracks. If Sam is managing your account, you know your business is in good hands. She’s methodical and always thinking several steps ahead. I often say everyone can be described in terms of how they would be in a gunfight, and Sam is a sniper: careful and precise.


Blake Nielson

He’s never met a mountain he couldn’t climb, both figuratively and literally. Blake is almost oblivious to the concept of “challenge” because he always finds a way to make things work regardless of what is in his way. Often when we look back on past projects, he’ll say something along the lines of, “Wait, that was hard?”


Ashton Stanworth

She is such an example to me of balancing being a mother and getting kick-ass work done. It doesn’t matter what her schedule is; it changes weekly and she still kills it. The best part is she doesn’t hate me even though she is a Giant’s fan and I am a Dodger’s fan … although I do think she holds it against me.


Maggie Call

Don’t take this the wrong way: Sometimes less communication can be a good thing. However much or little feedback she receives, Maggie works wonders on every design project she tackles. Maggie is best known for her consistently awesome work and satisfied clients.


Alondra Ponce de Leon

It is no surprise she picked up Jiu Jitsu, because Alondra is tactical to the extreme. Every recommendation she makes is well thought out and right on point for a client’s needs. Whatever problem you have, Alondra will find it. And then like a Jiu Jitsu master, she will strangle it to death (or until it taps out).


Rachel Evensen

Her favorite Star Wars movie is “Revenge of the Sith” … but once you’ve seen how she writes, she could say her favorite character is Jar Jar Binks and I would still give her a pass. She delivers meticulously crafted content based on high-quality research that gets results flowing quickly.


Thomas Plaizier

A great source of unity, Thomas holds no grudges and no bias toward any relationship. How he does that, I have no idea.


Chris Bennett

Chris is always pumped, stoked, excited and ready to take on the world. Whatever the next big thing is, Chris is probably already working on it and how to make it work for your business. If a company is only as good as its founder, we’re pretty freaking awesome.


Danny Allen

Just let Danny do his job, okay? He knows what you need and how to get you there. He’s one of those guys who is never going to lead you astray, and he always ensures that what was promised is what is delivered. He is a salesperson who isn’t just looking for a signature; he is looking out for you.


Christopher Fosse

He can write anything. In whatever voice. Against whatever deadline. If you are wondering if you should use “less” or “fewer,” he has corrected me at least 15 times, so he should be able to help you out with that. He is always good for a laugh, and there will never be a dull conversation if he is involved.


Joe Robledo

Does the S in SEO stand for savant? No, it doesn’t — it stands for search, silly. Joe, however is an SEO savant. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the SEO game, and his thirst for knowledge is apparent to every person who has worked with him. His willingness to share this knowledge is invaluable.


Jasmin Rock

Razmajaz! Talk about someone who never complains. Whatever the assignment, she figures out what is needed and rations her time to ensure that results will come, and they do! This isn’t to say she is a “Yes Man”; she is a “We are all in this together, team, so let’s do it!”


Rachel Bascom

There are few high-praise comments I can give that have as much meaning as, “If I am having a brainstorm, I want you in that brainstorm.” Rachel has some of the most creative ideas, and any brainstorm is left wanting without her. All of that creativity is funnelled into excellent content. Odds are, if you are one of our clients, Rachel has thought up something for you. Also, her English accent!


Amy Jackson

Amy has thought through every single possible scenario for your account. Trust her; she knows what she is doing. Clients that come through Amy are transitioned seamlessly from the Sales process to the Fulfillment side of things. Each client knows what to expect and is confident in the results we are going to deliver.


Lexi Hadley

“Which one do you like?” Lexi often asks this me question about her design work, and my retort is always, “You already know.” Sure enough, without fail, she knows the one I like the most and why. I don’t pay for therapy because Lexi provides design assets that keep me sane. She does fabulous work that is exactly what your target market will want to see.


Paxton Gray

Radical candor at its finest. If you have a question, you will get the answer you need, not necessarily the one you want — much like that one line from “The Dark Knight” — and it will help you. I have had so many questions and issues, and Paxton has listened to every one and helped guide me to success.

Alex Skinner

Alex is a Campaign Manager at 97th Floor, overseeing a team of marketers and content creators. If he isn't working he is eating or cooking.

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