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Tired of losing, or breaking your keychain storage devices?

Some people may not have a problem with this kind of stuff, but I do. I really do not like to have to carry around a USB storage device, or for that matter make the keys in my pocket any fatter by adding a keychain storage device. Well I found a pretty cool solution. Now these kind of sites are not new, but I have not found one yet that offers what this one does.

What is it?


Its a free online storage place, that gives you a whopping 1 GB of storage space. You can create word, excel and create a ton of different kind of documents with it. You can share them with family, friends, co-workers or whoever you want to give access to. You can add documents to your blogs with ease (works with all the major blog software or sites), or add photos using flickr ... Oh and don't forget you get a GIG of free storage space! (Did I mention that)

No more worrying about forgetting the USB device, or losing it (or in my case destroying it on accident). You have access to all of your documents and important files as long as you have an internet connection. It's just a good solution I thought might be handy to people who work online all the time (like I do), and go back and forth from computer to computer.

I usually am not the one to promote things unless I think its worth it, but this place is pretty dang cool considering all you get and what it costs you to get it...(free)

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