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Todd Friesen Says It’s OK To Buy Links

I am going to give a full recap on SMX in the next couple of days, but I wanted to share something really quick that Todd Friesen (Director of SEO for Range Online) said in a "Better Ways" conference session (referring to link building) that he buys links. There you have it. A featured speaker at SMX and "SEO Guru" telling all of us to "buy links". (He did freak out and wonder if Matt was it the room because he knew all of his clients, and that was funny)

Please don't get me wrong, he did not say just go and buy every link you can get your hands on, but the words about buying links did come out of his mouth. Keep it relevant, and find links that would bring in targeted customers (if they clicked). As far as I am concerned - discussion over, go and buy some relevant links!

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