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Top 10 reasons I have been in the dark ages as a PC user

This weekend I finally purchased a MACBook as my new (and primary) laptop, and it has only been two days of using it, but its been the best computer purchasing decision of my life and here's why:

  1. It just plain works, and is very simple to understand and use. I have never even touched a MAC in 15 years of using a PC, and I just started it up and everything worked. (which leads me to reason #2)
  2. It works right out of the box.
  3. No need for annoying "updates" or "service packs".
  4. No need to delete all the files I won't be using-ever! (that saves me hours alone).
  5. Everything I wanted to figure out how to do I was able to, for example getting a bluetooth wireless mouse to work. Finding software for programs I use often, such as FTP and starting to understand the file structure of the MAC. Again, super easy!
  6. I didn't have to waste time with annoying anti-virus software.
  7. I don't have to waste time with Internet Explorer anything.
  8. Firefox works amazing.
  9. Everything is clean and not cluttered.
  10. Amazing interface, graphics, look, style ... I mean words can't describe how absolutely sleek this machine is! I love it!

I was trying to decide if I was going to run the dual operating systems (OS X, and XP) and I just figured why give myself the headache. Every piece of software and program I use comes in a MAC version so no reason to have both. Just want to use something that will not keep giving me headaches and crashing! I think I have finally found it in this MACBook.
I will never go back to PC again, and it will bug me to no end until I get all of the computers in my life switched over to MAC. I have have eye on a pretty sick MAC Desktop with a 37inch screen. Maybe I will get that for my birthday coming up! (I would say hint hint, but I really don't think my wife has ever read this blog once!)

I have not figured out everything with a MAC yet I am sure, but when I come across a problem, or something that I am not sure of, the thing I love the best is how simple MAC's are so its been so easy to solve thus far! I am just really mad at myself for not making the switch sooner. If any of you are walking the line between PC and MAC and are really wondering if you should make the switch, let me be the first to tell you - DO IT and don't look back!

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