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Twiddla - The Online Collaborative Drawing Board

A few weeks ago I wrote about a tool called Markup, which is a tool that allows you to visually communicate via a web-based editing program. I was new to Markup when I first wrote about it and would like to update you on how I feel about it: It is awesome. It has a couple of snafus, but considering how much I paid for it (it is free), it was worth every penny.

Part of my job includes doing on-page consults, making recommendations to clients on how they can make their websites better. I used to write up a detailed email explaining what changes need to be made in order to make the site more “search engine friendly” while at the same time keeping it focused on the user. Surprisingly, a lot people didn’t know what “title tags” and “meta tags” were. They also had a hard time understanding what penguins and panda bears had to do with why their website wasn't doing as well as they wanted.

It seemed like every time I took on a new client I was committing myself to teaching a course on SEO. When I found Markup, at first I didn’t realize what it meant for me. I finally got to hang up my teaching hat. Now I can just draw an arrow to “this” or throw a line under “that” and say “change this so it looks like that.” It’s nice.

I want to introduce another tool that is similar to Markup, but has other applications. It is called Twiddla:

twiddla name tag
What Twiddla gives you that Markup doesn’t is a “no-setup, web-based meeting playground.” This is how Twiddla puts it:

"Mark up websites, graphics, and photos, or start brainstorming on a blank canvas. Browse the web with your friends or make that conference call more productive than ever. No plug-ins, downloads, or firewall voodoo - it's all here, ready to go when you are. Browser-agnostic, user-friendly."

You are able to turn your conference calls into a collaborative drawing board. You can upload pictures, documents, web pages and more. It, like Markup, is worth its weight in gold (it is also free).

Have you ever been on a call (whether it is a conference call or otherwise) and thought “it would be so much easier to show you what I am talking about”? Twiddla gives you that option.

A word of caution: if you decide to use this tool in-house, you might want to leave the office wag off the invitation email, they might distract everyone else with their ill-judged attempt at office humor.

twiddla is pretty sweet


Jacob Parry

Jacob is a Senior Account Manager at 97th Floor.

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