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Upgrade Your Blogger Outreach Toolbox and Stop All the Spreadsheet Madness

(Disclaimer – In no way are we affiliated with GroupHigh and they have no idea we’re even writing this article about their awesome product, but we fell in love with it, so we thought we would express it to the world.)

Getting burned out yet on trying to trek through that giant labyrinth of gibberish you call your link prospect list? How about finding a better outreach tool to help you prospect, rate, contact, organize, and track your outreach efforts? (That's no easy task!) Well it's time to ditch those archaic spreadsheets. Say hello to our newest all-star tool used at 97th Floor – GroupHigh.

GroupHigh is revolutionizing the way we’ve all come to manage our outreach efforts, making them more efficient and scalable.

GroupHigh is the ultimate blogging outreach resource. What makes it superior to all other counterparts is its premium service in blog research and its exceptional CRM capabilities. Not to mention its ability to seamlessly transition between the two.

GroupHigh takes you all the way through the entire outreach process, starting at prospecting for potential content partners all the way through to relationship building and management.

How GroupHigh Has Helped Automate Our Outreach Process

1. Quickly Build Your Prospect List in Three Ways

a. You can perform a search for relevant blogs and filter them down by keyword, SEOMoz metrics, whether or not they accept guest posts, and a few other qualifiers.

b. “The Bookmark” tool allows you to easily add any website into one of your specified prospect lists, just as if you were saving a website in your bookmarks.

c. Their “Blog Extractor Plug-in” allows you to bulk upload lists of blogs that you wish to add to your prospect list.

2. Prioritize and Organize Your Lists

GroupHigh’s dashboard gives you a great overview snapshot of your prospect list and their respected metrics.

GroupHigh Dashboard

From here you can sort your list by any metric you choose. In the example above I’ve sorted my list by blogs that except guest posts. But if you’re gearing up to do some Pinterest marketing you may want to sort your list by Pinterest followers. You get the idea.

3. Contacting Blog Owners

Once you’ve sorted your list, you’ll notice GroupHigh can pull the primary contact information for each prospect and you can see that info from the dashboard overview. If they can’t find an email address associated with the blog they will pull the contact form page. For those of you who prefer to build rapport through Twitter before contacting, GroupHigh provides their social media profiles as well.

If you click on one of your prospects it will bring you to a profile GroupHigh has built about your prospect.

You can see all the emails associated with the blog, a list of all the authors or contributors, their most recent posts, and you can track your activity and set up reminders with that prospect.

There are seemingly endless ways GroupHigh has maximized our time spent on outreach. It’s really quite simple – stay in the Stone Age with your spreadsheet, or save time and energy with tools of the future like GroupHigh.

Chase Hooley

Chase Hooley is an Account Manager at 97th Floor.

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