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Use Twitter To Boost Your Marketing Strategy, No Really

*This is an older post, and there are still definite opportunities to market your business on Twitter with ideas from this post. Make sure you read my more recent, "Is Twitter the Most Important Website Since Google?" as it is more update with newer ideas and thoughts.

You can use Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Mixx to increase your sites traffic, links, and branding which has a result on your bottom line, you can network in Facebook, LinkedIn or Myspace to get more leads and referrals, but, what can you do to make a buck with Twitter?

Twitter users out there I'm sorry if I offend, but I am too busy to use anything just to tell my long lost cousin where I got my lunch, I am too busy to do anything online that doesn't have a direct result in ROI for my business, projects or clients, thus I have never seen the need to sign up for Twitter. The only way I have heard about monetizing Twitter has been things where people link to a coupon with an affiliate link to something they supposedly did.

I was thinking about some possible new strategies the other day to leverage Twitter to drive a lot of traffic, followers and hopefully $$ back to you. These are not tested, and if someone has tried it I would love for them to post in the comments what they did and if they saw any direct result to their bottom line.

This could work for a lot of industries, I'm going to lay it out in seo and real estate, but the idea is the same for virtually any industry.

Make a Name in SEO
If you are an up and coming seo/viral marketer and you have some serious skills but you don't have the rockstar status yet, you could set up a twitter account with one purpose, to track every single step and decision you make in order to market a site to the number one spot in Google.

This will only work if you have serious skills, but what you would do is pick a super competitive industry like Cancer, or Work at home, etc... and start with everything from keyword research to domain registration. Every day after you tweak a page, get a new link, front page digg etc... list it in Twitter. You would have to be see through so if you buy a link from Yahoo Directory, or "negotiate" a new link make sure you talk about it. Say, "I just got 6 links, one sitewide, 3 contextual, and two footers and I used these anchored texts..."

You wouldn't have to give out the domain to start instead you could do a weekly or monthly update on the traffic and ranking changes and then when it reaches the top 3 you release the domain so all can see. This could generate a lot of buzz in itself, if you start saying, "I'm number 8 after 3 months I should be able to release the domain in a couple of weeks stay tuned." People will make sure they check back often to grab whatever tid bit of info they could use to better their rankings.

It is an idea, but I bet a lot of people would subscribe to it, and watch it. I wanted to do this myself but we are just too busy and we are already getting more business then we could ever want. If I did do it I would do it with nothing but bought links and directories or something controversial like that, to get more attention and to prove that I could get something top 3 with nothing but paid links.

cascade-3Real Estate and Other Industries
This could work for a real estate investor that wants to sell consulting or coaching. Set up Twitter to show every call you make, from finding the deal, to visiting the property and securing a loan. Tell it all, "I visited 4 properties today, here is what I found...." Despite what you think about the current real estate market I have some close friends that are killing it right now, making a lot of money, if they wanted to sell that knowledge they could promote it on a day to day site like Twitter.

This could work with a service business franchise, or web design, or really almost anything if you tweaked it right. You could do it for weight loss, or endurance training. It would work for cooking, or stock trading.

You could document your day to day activities on building a powerful Digg or SU account from scratch.

Dugg 50 Stories, half from friends 10:15 am

Added 7 new friends 10:45 am

Became a Fan of 10 top 1000 Diggers 11:15 am

Submitted 3 Stories, 1 from NY Times, 1 on Ron Paul :), 1 random site I saw on Reddit, Did this using Social Media For Firefox (shameless plug) 12:10 pm

Dugg 200 Stories, started with friend submissions, went through FP's for the last 2 days. 1:10 pm

Deleted 5 friends that have not been active in over 30 days. 1:35 pm

My stories are just over an hour old, NY Times has 12 diggs, Ron Paul reached the front page :), Random Site has 6 diggs. 1:40 pm

My stories are not on up and coming yet, but all have 39 plus diggs, maybe too many friends vs non friends ratio. Need to send some emails 12:30 pm

Like I said I have never used Twitter as a publisher, I have read other Twitter pages, but I am no expert on it, if there is such a thing. I thought this idea had some merit and I am too busy to do it, so I thought I would share it.

Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett is the Founder and CEO of 97th Floor.

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