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Vertical Creep through Shopping sites.

If you are an SEO and have not heard of Vertical Creep then you need to learn about what it is.  Vertical Creep on the search engines can hurt you if you don't know about it, and help you if you do know about it. Let's understand what it is first.  These results are not the normal listings or sponsored listings...they are what is called Vertical Creep. 

How does one get into the Vertical Creep results?  There are many ways to get a ranking in the Vertical Creep, but I am going to focus on one for this post.  Shopping Sites: Let me first list a few that I use and are very effective.

A trend that I have been seeing websites and search engine marketers use is these shopping sites to help them gain higher rankings in the search engines.  You use these shopping sites to sell your product and take advantage of the money they have spent in marketing to brand themselves.  So if you are not using these sites then you are missing out a piece of the market as well as an opportunity to make more money and get your product out there more.  Effectively writing good descriptions and using proper keywords inside these shopping sites when you list your products can help you get a top ranking, as the above picture example because of this Vertical Creep.

Some of these sites cost no money at all to use, all you have to have is a little technical knowledge to put together a spreadsheet and upload your products.  All of these sites have good technical documentation and tech support that can help walk any level person through.  In the long run learning this will pay off with better rankings and more sales.

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