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Viral Marketing Idea Friday - Lasik Surgery Center

Just wanted to share a quick idea for this weeks "VMIF", and apologize for not being able to post last week. Last Wednesday I woke up with severe pains that ended up putting me in the hospital for a few days because of a need to get my appendix removed. I am still not 100% yet, but am starting to feel better.

As I was in the hospital I had a chance to talk to a lot of Doctors and Nurses (of course) all of which were interested in what I did for a living when they found out I had no need for Doctors notes (to take back to a job), or that I didn't need to make arrangements for my stay with my boss. I am the boss, and I said it was ok!

I told him that not all posts that make it to the front page of Digg, or make it to the "buzz" section of Stumble Upon have to be funny. There are lots that do well that are informative and that provide useful information and thats the approach I would take with lasik surgery.

We talked about the things his clients ask the most, and what they are most nervous about when it comes to the surgery. I got some pretty good ideas how I feel a site like this could do good with social media. First I would take the safety approach and come up with a list (after good research) of "10 Lasik Surgeries Gone Horribly Wrong - Read The Real Life Horror Stories Here" then provide examples to why they went wrong, and give references to either the equipment of the experience of the Doctor doing the procedure. You can then take this opportunity to talk about the equipment your business uses, and the experiences your customers have had with you (in the form of testimonials). You may need a graphics person to help you with this next idea, but I was thinking to share the actual vision of someone with different levels of vision problems who are going in for the surgery, and show us before and after what are typical results. You can give it the simple title - "See What These 10 Individuals Saw Before And After Their Lasik Surgery" This would be interesting for those who didn't need the surgery, but be very beneficial (and informative) to those who were investigating lasik surgery.

I don't really see how you can make this industry "funny" as its not something to be made fun of (and could scare clients away), but I hope you get some ideas where I would take this kind of an industry - and that is the informative route! As I was writing this I thought of another idea that could probably go well - "10 Reasons Why You Should Research Out Your Lasik Surgeon" and then share real life stories that have been shared with you, while you are cleaning up the mess. Again, the informative route is the way to go with this campaign.

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