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Viral Marketing Idea Friday - Local Landscaping Company

I have been thinking about this one for a while now because its time to finally get my backyard landscaped. The more and more I have looked online for "local" landscaping companies, there was not one company in my local area (through my searches) who is doing anything viral online.

If you own a local landscaping company, you could be taking advantage of a huge opportunity, and could grow your business by leaps and bounds with even just one viral campaign that goes popular on (any of) the major social networks. It will help their websites current SEO situation (which is pretty much nothing at least for all the ones I found) in the form of links and trust being pushed from many different types of sites. A boosting in the search engine rankings could mean more visitors and traffic and of course more phone calls, and even rankings for some keywords they never thought possible.

So the trick here with todays viral marketing idea is to find something inside the landscaping industry that is interesting enough, or funny enough for a social community audience. I start to think of the thinks I like when it comes to landscaping and what "gets my attention" even if I am not a part of the industry. I love looking at what other people have done with their yards, and even more, I like looking at what people with unlimited budgets can do with a landscaping project. This gives me my first idea - "What The Yards Of Billionaires Look Like" or "The Yards Of The 10 Wealthiest People In The World", and finally "If You Were A Billionaire Your Backyard Would Look Like This Too!"

The other ideas I would have is giving landscaping tips that could appeal to a broader audience, because most people in this world are on budgets. I think this could interest a decent amount of people - "14 Amazing Landscaping Tips For Those On A Budget" or "10 Ways To Stay On Budget With Your Landscaping Projects". You can even go into the archives of some of the HGTV shows, or TLC shows where they do landscaping makeovers, and provide videos of - "The 9 Coolest Backyard Makeovers Done On TV" I am not saying that all of these would make the first page of Digg, but could do really well on other social networks. I do think if one of these ideas were massaged out enough that it could even make a front page of Digg, like this one (I just thought of) "10 Landscaping Tips To Make Your Backyard More Environmentally Friendly" I gotta throw one more in there because I think this one would be the funniest - Do some research and find pictures of the craziest backyards that are so unsafe, and that you would never let your kids play in. Then write about "10 Backyards You Would Never Let Your Kids Play At" ... then show pictures crazy unsafe backyards, or a spoof and show a picture of Michael Jacksons Neverland Ranch (then show some crazy ones). Here is a picture of a backyard that I feel would be on the list of "unsafe backyards", and ones that could use a "landscaping makeover"

unsafe backyard

I think you can see there are so many ways you can go with this, and how it can help your business make a name for itself. I can't help but think like a marketer all the time, and I really enjoy sharing these tips, and what comes out of my mind. I hope its helping you guys too, and that you are learning how to think more like a social media marketer as well! Chris and I always welcome your questions and comments, and we love when you ask us for ideas about your industry. I have received several amazing questions lately that I will be getting to over the next several weeks.

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