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Who do you read, and why?

I was thinking about something today and it got me wondering something.  I have a great list of blogs that I read, and I will include my top 10 list of blogs I read related to marketing here in a few.  I don't care if your reads do not include marketing topics, I am just curious some of the top blogs out there that my readers stay on top of.  Also, I would love to know how you stay on top of them?  Do you use a plug in for Firefox to automatically update you when a post is made?  Or do you just go back as often as you can?

Here are my top 10 reads (in order)

  1. SEO Book by Aaron Wall
  2. Eric Ward
  3. Matt Cutts
  4. Shoemoney
  5. GrayWolf's SEO Blog
  6. SEOMoz Blog
  7. Seth Godin
  8. Jim Westergren
  9. Brad Fallon
  10. Unofficial SEO Blog

There are so many other reads I have, and I have left off some of the best SEO forums I read everyday. These are just a list of the top 10 SEO/marketing related blogs that I read.  I use a plugin called SAGE for firefox and it makes reading all of the new posts from my top blogs easy, and all in one place!

Again, I would love to hear what everyone else reads?  It does not have to be SEO or marketing related, just whatever good reads you enjoy everyday and would love to share with us all.

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