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Wishful Ranking Directory

I got spammed the other day from a new directory called Wishful Ranking. Well at least I am pretty sure they spammed me since I never ever remember signing up, or opting in. Maybe they are affiliated with some other directory in the past I have given my info too, but that is besides the point.

I was curious about this directory for several reasons. They do not do a "normal" or standard submission price to get listed in their directory. The way the work is simple - the more you pay, the higher on the directory.

My problems at first thought with this directory (and probably why I will not list with it for a while anyway) is the fact that it is such an obvious paid link. From what I can see, if you pay, you get in. I am wondering about how quick the Google radar will pick up and take away any link value.

Another problem I have is that if you do a "site:www.wishfulranking.com" on Google you will see that none of the sub pages are even indexed (besides homepage at the time of this post). I wonder if the people that are paying upwards of 12 bucks to get to the top know that their link is doing them nothing. My guess is that this directory is not getting much traffic yet either so you won't benefit from it on that side either.

As with all new directories I know that time is a factor for page rank, subpages indexed etc, but then there still is that problem of such an obvious paid link with no apparent guidelines.

I am not saying I will never submit (even just to test) but I am shying away from it for now until I see what happens. I do think the concept is cool though and it really will be interesting to see the future of this directory.

I am wondering what others thoughts are on this directory, or if they have heard of it?

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