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ZERO Out Of 15 Random People I Asked Know What SEO Is

So over the weekend I took a little break from my computer (I know - hard to believe), and attended a 10 year class reunion for my wife. Class reunions are a whole different topic that I don't think I will ever get into! The one thing I will say about class reunions if you have never been to one is that they are a big "size you up party" more than anything. Of course people wanted to know what my wife had been up to during the last ten years, and with 3 kids and me ... that was pretty much it! Then the conversation would always come my way because my wife would tell people that I worked from home, and ran my own businesses. Then the question would come; "What do you do?"

I decided to turn it into a little un-scientific marketing research, and turned it into a question; "Do you know what SEO is"? I would ask, and not one of the 15 people that I asked had a clue. I am talking serious deer in the headlights here. It would not get much better when I followed it up with "search engine optimization?". Even when I told them when they go to Google and type in a keyword phrase, those results that come back ... they would interrupt and say, "oh you get those sponsored results" .... by this time I was DONE with the conversation, and just told them I ran Internet businesses, and helped others by consulting.

The point here is we have a great opportunity as SEOs. We are in a field that is ready to harvest. I am amazed how many people call me back after talking to them about what I do, even when they still have no clue exactly what it is. They just know that they need help online, and I seem like the person to do it. It seems almost everyone has a need, or knows someone who has a need for SEO services. It does scare me though with so many worthless companies out there claiming to know SEO, and I usually go in and clean up a mess, and try to polish our reputation as SEOs.

Anyway, I just thought it was very interesting that not one person out of 15 I talked to had a clue of what SEO was, or even understood the industry enough to have a conversation. My next post? I think I will talk to you about the lady who asked me how old my son was, and when I told her 13 months, she said ... oh so almost a year? Um... yea....

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