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How to read this report: Ranking Potential Report

A Ranking Potential Report provides valuable insights into the search engine performance of your website, allowing you to identify opportunities for improving your organic search traffic. Here's how to interpret the results of the report:


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HomeBase Ranking Potential Report

How to Use This Report

The Ranking Potential Report can help you prioritize your optimization efforts and make data-driven decisions about your SEO and content strategy. By identifying which pages on your website have the greatest potential for improving their search engine rankings and increasing organic search traffic, you can focus your optimization efforts where they will have the greatest impact.

HomeBase Ranking Potential Report Summary Chart V2

Sitewide Keyword Summary

  • Ranking: The search engine ranking of the keywords your site ranks for. The higher the ranking the more likely your site is to receive valuable traffic from users searching for relevant keywords.

  • Number of Keywords Ranking: The number of keywords that a website is ranking for. Sites that rank for more keywords have a higher potential for organic search traffic.

  • Traffic Potential: The estimated amount of search traffic that a particular website could receive if it were to rank in the top 3 positions for all the keywords it is targeting.
Ranking Potential Report Main Chart V2

Page Specific Rankings

  • URL: The page being analyzed for keywords and traffic.
  • Top 3 Positions: Pages that already rank in the top 3 positions have a high potential for traffic and may require less effort to optimize further.

  • Positions 4-10: Pages ranking in positions 4 to 10 for their targeted keywords. These pages have potential to move up to the top 3 positions with some optimization efforts.

  • Page 2: Pages ranking on the second page of search results (positions 11 to 20). These pages have potential to move up to the first page of results with more optimization efforts.

  • Pages 3-5:  Pages ranking on the third to fifth pages of search results. These pages have the lowest potential for traffic and will require more significant optimization efforts to improve their ranking.

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