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8 Steps to Grow Your Business During ANY Circumstance

Recessions can be full of unknowns, but follow this list and you can still utilize this time, even if your business isn’t currently performing its services. Then, when business returns to normal, you’ll be better prepared for new business opportunities and growth.


Download the white paper to see how you can put each element into action and get some additional resources.


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On-Page Optimizations

On-page optimizations are things you can do to your website to help improve the visitor experience, increase your website visibility, and lead to higher conversion rates. There are so many things you can optimize your site — a few examples include title tags, word count, internal linking, and keyword usage. You should also use available data and site analytics to gain insights on optimizations that will improve your website performance and user experience. 

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Link Building

We just addressed what you can do on your website, so now let’s focus on what you can do off of your website. We accomplish off-page optimizations largely through link building. It is important to note right off the bat that it is necessary to build links within Google’s guidelines to avoid being penalized. Links from other websites help your site build authority, which helps you rank better. It also helps Google discover new pages on your site. 


You can also focus on internal link building, which is a process of connecting different pages on your website. This will help keep visitors on your website and connect them with more information that will help nurture them into a customer. 

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Build New Content

You may not be able to run your business as normal, but you can still build brand credibility through new content. Use this time to create a really solid content marketing strategy. Your strategy should be built on good buyer personas. Look at who your audience is and what their needs are. As you consider those needs, look at how your business stands out from the competition. Keep this in mind and you’ll be able to create content that makes your brand a valuable voice in the industry and establishes strong relationships with your customers. 

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Increased Reach

This is a great time to try new mediums and tactics to get in front of new audiences. Figure out where your target audience is, and find ways to connect with them there. Experiment on new platforms you haven't previously used. With a larger audience, you’ll have increased business opportunities once business returns to normal.

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Customer Engagement

Now is an important time to be having two-way conversations with your customers. Remember: it is easier to retain and upsell your current customers than it is to find new ones. So take this chance to connect with your customers and make sure they feel like their needs are heard. Show that you are doing your best to meet those needs. It is more important to listen than to speak, but on social media we demonstrate listening through engagement. As you interact, make sure it’s a two-way conversation with your customers. You should be both initiating and engaging in conversations. How you care for your customers now has the potential to build brand long-term loyalty. 

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Now is the time to get your messaging right. A/B testing will help you see what resonates with your audience. Test one version of your content in comparison to another version. See which one receives more engagement from your audience. Then keep repeating this process. As you make these optimizations, you will come away with a website that nurtures your audience because your messaging is in line with their needs. As you do your A/B testing, it is crucial to make sure that you only change one thing at a time. This will allow you to pinpoint exactly what elements perform better than others.

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Email is a great way to stay connected with your audience, so start looking for natural opportunities to email your current lists. Be human in your approach to stay connected with your network. The last thing you want to do is start sending too many emails so they become frustrated with hearing from you. Think of what message your audience needs to hear, when they need to hear it, and how. As you put your audience’s needs first, you’ll be able to stay top of mind with your network in ways that are valuable to them.

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Paid Ads

Maybe you’ve seen a decline in the performance of your paid ads. Instead of pausing those ad campaigns, now would be a good time to really understand what your audience wants to see. Learn more about the needs of your audience and run ads that can help them solve the pain points they are currently facing. Let your audience continue to see your brand and know that you are still here for them. You can also look for creative ways to still convert potential customers even though your normal services aren’t currently an option.

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