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9mm Ammo

When your product is a touchy subject, things get a whole lot more complex.

If you want to optimize your site to reach your audience, you generally need to optimize your pages for the right keywords. Pretty simple stuff, right? Well, when your brand name is also a main target keyword for every one of your competitors, and when your product is a touchy subject to try to promote, things get a whole lot more complex


That’s what happened with 9mm Ammo. 


9mm Ammo was an online supplier of firearm ammunition. And they needed a way to not only set their brand apart from all of the other online ammunition businesses, but also do so in a way that wouldn’t create a PR firestorm in the process. 


And that’s exactly what 97th Floor gave them.

9mm Ammo


In this case study, we take a closer look at the steps we took to help 9MM Ammo push past the politics and generate significant customer interest. Our strategy included;

  • In-depth competitive research
  • Target market research
  • Design and content creation


When it comes to connecting with your audience, the last thing you want is a misfire. 97th Floor has the experience, the expertise, and the resources to ensure that, even in the most difficult markets, you’re website always hits the bullseye. 


We helped 9MM Ammo stand out from the crowd. Request the case study today, and see how we made it happen. 


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