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Canva - Artificial intelligence (AI), genetic programming, machine learning concepts


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Algorithmia’s software provides a framework for building and deploying machine learning models. They had a high ratio of turning leads into paid customers, but filling the pipeline had been difficult. As 97th Floor worked with Algorithmia on their paid ads, we noticed the LinkedIn campaigns consistently had a high cost per lead at a low volume.



97th Floor began by restructuring the ad campaign to overcome the high cost per conversion. 97th Floor decided to side-step directing users to a landing page all together by launching lead generation forms directly on the LinkedIn platform. Users could then convert on LinkedIn without needing to leave for a form fill on the client’s website. 


Testing lead generation forms brought the following results compared to the previous month:

  • 148% Increase in total leads generated 
  • 41% Decrease in cost per lead 
  • 15% decrease in CPC 
  • 37% Increase in CTR
LinkedIn ads aren't cheap, but for Algorthima they are now worth it. Through our in-platforn lead generation testing we're bringing in 148% more qualified leads at a lower CPL.