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After some initial marketing success with its famous “Will It Blend” campaign (which saw the Blendtec atomize traditionally unblendable substances like marbles, yard equipment, and even a golf club), Blendtec was having trouble drawing in, engaging, and converting their target audience. 


What they needed was content that was more than just entertaining. They needed new content capable of bringing in more site traffic, engaging visitors, and increasing brand awareness.



97th Floor created a strategy specific to Blendtec and their needs. This strategy included:


    • In-depth keyword and audience research
    • Brainstorming valuable content
    • Developing an eye-catching design to function as usable customer resource


The research indicated a definite overlap between blender shoppers and Buffalo Wild Wings enthusiasts. Specifically, creating copycat versions of the various sauces available at Buffalo Wild Wings was a point of interest.


97th Floor worked to develop the best copycat sauce recipes a blender could produce, and then turned that information into an eye-catching infographic. This infographic provided the right audience with shareable content, which increased both short and long-term brand awareness.


The Buffalo Wild Wings Copycat Sauce Recipes infographic was just one of the creative projects that drove organic increases for Blendtec. As a direct result, the Blendtec site saw a 23% increase in referral traffic, along with a whopping 73% boost in organic traffic. Together, these increases generated a significant boost in revenue for Blendtec.

After turning quality research into quality visual content, Blendtec was able to connect with their audience as more than just a curiosity. This process opened up a stream of organic site traffic that has generated a significant boost in revenue for Blendtec.