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American Shaman

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American Shaman is an e-commerce business that is growing quickly, largely due to the products it sells, CBD. While massive growth was happening across other channels, organic was their lowest performer. Reaching new consumers early in the research process is crucial to building brand loyalty and securing lifelong customers in this fledgling and hyper competitive industry. Organic traffic is the best channel for reaching this audience and is therefore crucial to American Shaman’s ongoing growth and success. American Shaman came to 97th Floor looking to increase organic traffic and revenue.

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While conducting organic keyword research for CBD-related terms, 97th Floor noticed that many of the valuable keywords on the topic are too broad to target with a product page and that competitors were seeing success through a category-centric strategy. American Shaman had no formal category structure in place, but having category pages would help them be more competitive in their organic efforts. Category pages would also help provide a better customer experience by offering customers all products that fit their search rather than just one. This research led to the creation of new category pages for American Shaman. 97th Floor ensured that each page had in-depth content optimized for the user and Google. 




Within weeks, American Shaman saw results that substantially changed rankings, traffic, and revenue. These included:

  • Moving dozens of product-related keywords into spots 1-3 on Google
  • Getting a 190,000 monthly search volume product keyword on the first page
  • Increased conversion rate from organic traffic
American Shaman has captured an audience through Google organic search. With our technical optimizations and site restructuring we earned concrete wins out of the gate including front page rankings for product-related keywords.