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They had built a great analytics tool — but their website wasn’t doing it justice

If you want to connect with your clients, an effective web presence is an absolute must. Unfortunately, not every billion dollar idea is backed up by a billion dollar website. And if your prospective customers stop by your site and aren’t impressed enough to stick around, your chances of getting them to commit to a purchase are pretty slim. 


This was the situation that DataHero found itself in. They had built a great analytics tool with the potential to revolutionize the way businesses use data — but their website just wasn’t doing it justice. No landing pages. No real optimization for search engines. Hardly any site visitors. Things weren’t looking good. 


Until they teamed up with 97th Floor.



In this case study, we dive into the strategy we used to turn DataHero’s site into a literal conversion machine, sucking in the traffic and spitting out satisfied customers. This includes:


  • In-depth keyword and competitor research
  • Content ideation and creation
  • Follow-up social campaigns

Give your product the audience it deserves, with a data-driven website strategy from 97th Floor. Request a case study today, and let’s get down to business.  


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