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DuPont is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of an ingredient that can be found in everything from toothpaste, to cosmetics, to salad dressing, to chocolate milk. This ingredient is called carrageenan.


Even though the FDA, the USDA, and other food regulatory agencies around the world have said that carrageenan is a completely safe food ingredient, some people still believe that it is a deadly inflammatory agent. 


These opposing voices were few and far between, however, they were loud enough to threaten the DuPont reputation, particularly where social media was concerned. In an effort to offset some of the undeserved negativity that had become attached to their product, DuPont hired 97th Floor to help them promote honest conversation about carrageenan. 



In order to help DuPont build positive sentiment for carrageenan on social media, 97th Floor created a strategy that included:


  • Reliable content ideation, creation, and optimization
  • Targeted social media implementation
  • Detailed monitoring
  • GIF advertisement and Google Ads coordination


To put positive carrageenan sentiment where it could do the most good, 97th Floor created advertising campaigns on Twitter and Facebook, driving traffic back to high-quality positive carrageenan content. They then monitored and encouraged users to discuss the subject within their various social-media circles. Because not everyone is interested in reading all the way to the end of the headline, 97th Floor also utilized gif ads to engage the most users at the lowest possible costs. Finally, 97th Floor ran Google Ads to capture audiences searching relevant keywords within Google.


Overall, 97th Floor's campaign for DuPont yielded a 16.7% increase in link clicks on promoted articles, with a 20% decrease in cost. And in turn that helped bring a more balanced point of view to the ongoing carrageenan discussion.

By getting people actively involved in the conversation in a way that promoted sound science and reliable research, DuPont's product gained positive recognition on social media. The conversation now has a more balanced point of view.