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eFileCabinet is a document management SAAS company. They came to 97th Floor seeking an increase in quality bottom of the funnel leads. We began by taking a holistic look at the  customer experience and optimizing it from top to bottom. As we reached the bottom of the funnel, we decided it would be most effective  to zero in on the visitors already coming to eFileCabinet’s demo request page, and uncover ways to encourage users to fill out the form more frequently. 97th Floor recommended conversion rate optimization (CRO) as the most beneficial strategy in discovering what changes would inspire more visitors to take that action. 

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CRO takes existing traffic and increases the value received from it. This tactic would allow 97th Floor to maximize the impact of organic traffic to the demo request page. Our main question concerned user motivation: were form-filling page visitors most driven by value proposition, product expectations, or testimonials from other clients? These possible scenarios gave us three variations to be used in this testing. 


During this 17 day test, we saw a 106% increase in the number of users requesting a demo by prominently setting a clear description of what the demo would include. When running CRO tests, 97th Floor utilizes a confidence score provided by Google that indicates their strength of  confidence in the test’s effectiveness-- whether or not the change is notably better performing. This helps ensure that test results are statistically significant, and not just a one-off. EfileCabinet’s test came back with a 98% confidence rating from Google. 


More importantly, eFile achieved their goal of increasing the quantity and quality of their bottom of the funnel leads.