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Gigamon is a tech company that helps businesses get the most out of their various network monitoring solutions.


Even though Gigamon specializes in helping businesses better direct their network traffic, they were having some trouble directing organic internet traffic to their site. At the same time, Gigamon was transitioning from a public to a private company and migrating to a new site, and even their traditional traffic levels were taking a dive. Add to that fact that Gigamon was offering a very tech-heavy solution to a complex set of professional-level problems. The end result was that reaching qualified leads was going to take more than a ‘cast a wide net’ approach. 


When they came to 97th Floor, Gigamon wanted a solution that would allow them to ride out these changes and not only bounce back, but surge forward. 



97th Floor designed a multi-pronged strategy to get the Gigamon site back in the game. This strategy included:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Semantic analysis 
  • Content creation 
  • Off-page link building efforts


97th Floor started by analyzing Gigamon’s top competitors to see what they were doing right. They then performed in-depth keyword research and TF-IDF analysis. From there, 97th Floor worked with Gigamon to brainstorm valuable, insightful content ideas — the kinds of ideas that would help capture the attention of the right audience. And finally, 97th Floor dove into off-page link building efforts to build site authority and signal to Google that Gigamon’s pages were relevant and rankable.


From July 2017 through January 2019, Gigamon saw an organic traffic increase of 450% to their blog, and a 42% increase in organic site traffic overall. This was despite the fact that the site was in the process of migrating and the company was in a state of transition.


But where the real returns happened was in the quality of the traffic. 97th Floor's strategy of developing compelling and informative content was capturing the kind of visitors who want to take the next steps. And as such, organic traffic was turning into actual revenue. 

Gigamon needed to maintain site traffic when faced with internal changes and a very specialized target audience. What could have been a difficult transition turned into a site traffic golden age for Gigamon.