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Gigamon sought to draw in more customers by creating a page to rank for a high-profile keyword. After 6 months, the page still wasn’t ranking. Gigamon was experiencing the frustration of following the right protocol, but still not seeing the impact or results they wanted.



SEO takes time when starting from scratch. Fortunately, many sites have the potential for faster results just by reoptimizing the great pages they already have. Knowing this, 97th Floor decided to take this underperforming page and reoptimize it. We shifted the focus of the page to rank for a less-competitive keyword with lower search volume. This keyword had a history of ranking for Gigamon, so 97th Floor leveraged that traction to start bringing more traffic to the page. A competitor analysis, a semantic analysis, and keyword research were conducted using 97th Floor’s proprietary tools. That information helped direct the strategy of reoptimizing for the less-competitive keyword. These efforts were then paired with a thoroughly-developed backlink strategy.


Reoptimization produced results to this previously underperforming page. Within a month Gigamon was able to start ranking #1 for the targeted lower-volume keyword. This page also started ranking #5 for the high-profile keyword they initially wanted.  Originally this page ranked for 3 keywords, and now ranks for nearly 300. These improved rankings has made this page the 3rd best performing page on the site. It also saw a 94% increase in sessions MoM.



Gigamon reoptimized existing content that now ranks for over 300 keywords. This means more organic traffic and potential customers to their site.