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Illumio’s pioneering Zero Trust Segmentation proactively and reactively contains ransomware, builds cyber resilience, and prevents breaches from escalating into cyber disasters.

When Illiumio came to 97th Floor, they were ranking for less than 4,000 total keywords and they only had 264 keywords ranking on the first page. 


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97th Floor’s auditing process revealed that keyword cannibalization plagued Illumio’s site. Consequently, very few pages were winning on the SERP. Eliminating Illumio’s competing pages was our first priority for increasing organic traffic.

Next, we began optimizing pages with “low hanging fruit” opportunities. These were keywords that had strong baseline rankings, as well as high search volume. Additional audits and keyword research informed content re-optimization, internal linking, and site structure changes.


After only one year of working together, Illumio was ranking for 9,671 total keywords, with 812 keywords on the first page.

  • 148.2% increase in total ranking keywords
  • 207.6% increase in keywords ranking on the first page
  • 48.5% increase in organic sessions year over year
  • 26,822 increase in organic sessions year over year

Illumio and 97th Floor continue an SEO maintenance strategy that ensures Illumio will see sustainable increased traffic growth year over year.

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With reoptimized content, internal linking and site structure changes in place, Illumio now ranks for over 800 keywords. This means more traffic and more potential customers to the site.