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Lawn Doctor

Generally speaking, it usually takes some time for the seeds of digital marketing to bear fruit. But what if you don’t have time? What if you’re under a deadline, and you need increased traffic and improved conversions right now


This was the problem facing Lawn Doctor. As a franchised landscaping business, they were dependant upon the influx of customers that should coincide with the growing season — but they just hadn’t seen it. From spring through late summer, their site traffic barely budged at all, and the prospect of facing another disappointing peak season wasn’t something they were excited about. What they needed was a way to improve their site, and they needed it before the start of spring.


And in just three months, 97th Floor made it happen.

Lawn Doctor


In this case study, we take a closer look at the digital strategy we used to get Lawn Doctor’s website up and optimized for better traffic and conversions. This includes:


  • Visitor recording
  • Heat mapping
  • A/B testing
  • SEO optimization


97th Floor is on your side, even when time isn’t. We have the skills and the experience you need to get your results sprouting, fast. We helped Lawn Doctor experience its most profitable season ever, and we can do the same for you.


Request a case study today, and get ready for a bountiful marketing harvest.  


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