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NSI Stem Cell was doing well locally, but after attempts to expand nationally, NSI Stem Cell worried if it would ever be possible at scale. Google wasn’t letting them run ads and their website didn’t support national SEO efforts. NSI Stem Cell started running Facebook ads, but with limited (and very high CPL) success. They wanted to expand nationally, but they needed a low CPL in order to justify the growth.
Canva - Pipette collecting samples for stem cell research in the lab


When NSI Stem Cell and 97th Floor began working together, 97th Floor gave immediate attention to SEO. After a few months, business started looking good, so PPC was brought in to reach a national audience. After getting NSI reapproved, 97th Floor began running ads that focused on terms based on stem cell therapy or directly related terms. This brought in a decent number of leads, but the audience volume was still low. 

97th Floor expanded the keyword research dramatically, which lead to broader terms to bid on. The strategy then pivoted drastically, instead of bidding on stem cell-focused keywords, we began bidding on terms surrounding the issues people were facing when looking for alternative treatments, like stem cell therapy. This transition to broader keywords meant ads would need to become more specific and tailored, along with the landing pages they were going to. This combination of broader keywords, but more tailored ads and landing pages resulted in a lower CPL and more closed business.




  • Cost per lead decreased by 37.5%
  • Increase in the number of qualified leads by 69.4%
  • Increased the number of overall qualified patient candidates
From a disapproved ad account to record-high leads, NSL Stem Cell has seen a true business transformation. All this while lowering the cost per lead.