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O.C. Tanner

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O.C. Tanner is an employee recognition and reward company. They provide things like shareable electronic thank-you notes, cloud-based recognition platforms, culture training, and customized rewards and incentives. 


O.C. Tanner came to 97th Floor because they needed to improve their online visibility. They specifically wanted to boost their social authority and generate more traffic to their site. But even more than that, they needed to establish a strong online connection between the O.C. Tanner brand and the employee recognition culture it was built to promote. O.C. Tanner was already well known for its products; now it was time to make it famous for its ideals.



In order to make O.C. Tanner synonymous with employee appreciation, 97th Floor created a strategy that included:


  • Conceptualizing a new content focus
  • Researching major cities and the businesses headquartered in each
  • Building top-quality content highlighting each of these “Coolest Companies to Work For.”
  • Promoting that content to the right audiences


Essentially, 97th Floor found the businesses that were truly committed to a great employee culture. 97th Floor then built a blog post and a slide deck, highlighting their favorites, explaining the companies' values, and identifying what it was that set these companies apart from the pretenders. After this, all that was left to do was promote the content to the right audiences, which really caught on.


The “Coolest Companies to Work For” campaign led to an unprecedented 41,000% increase in organic blog traffic. This campaign brought in 6,039,060 social shares and reached over 5.2 million individual social media accounts. It resulted in 80,000 Slideshare views. This campaign put O.C Tanner in the spotlight, and as a result, helped them better help brands across the world do the same for their employees.  

The "Coolest Companies to Work For" campaign helped establish O.C. Tanner as more than just a trophy shop; it connected them with their audience in a way that made them synonymous with employee appreciation culture.