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O.C. Tanner

Sometimes, just being visible isn’t enough

Connecting with your audience online is all about visibility, right? Absolutely it is. But sometimes just being visible isn’t enough. Sometimes the audience you’re connecting with isn’t the one that could benefit most from your products or services. Sometimes your core offering gets overlooked. When that happens, you need a customized, detailed content and SEO strategy designed to put your brand where it belongs: on the minds of the people who need you. 


When O.C. Tanner came to 97th floor, they wanted to improve their online presence, boost their social authority, and generate more traffic to their site. But even more than that, they needed to establish a strong online connection between the O.C. Tanner brand and the employee recognition culture it was built to promote. O.C. Tanner was already well known for its products; now it was time to make it famous for its ideals.


And that’s where 97th Floor came in.

O.C. Tanner


In this case study, we take a closer look at the campaign we used to help make O.C. Tanner synonymous with employee appreciation. This includes:


  • Conceptualizing a new content focus
  • Researching major cities and the businesses headquartered in each
  • Building top-quality content highlighting each of these “Coolest Companies to Work For.”
  • Promoting that content to the right audiences


Connect with the audiences that matter. Make the right name for yourself, with a customized, outside-the-box content strategy from 97th Floor. It made a huge difference for O.C. Tanner, and it can do the same for your brand. 


Request the case study today, and see how we made it happen. 


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