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Outback Wilderness Therapy

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Outback Wilderness Therapy is giving teenagers in crisis therapeutic experiences that change lives for the better. Despite the noble cause and stalwart reputation, Outback Wilderness Therapy was struggling to get leads for their expeditions. Resting on their reputation in the community was not bringing in the leads or conversions it once had, eventually leading them to hit record lows during the historically high season. Outback Wilderness Therapy had worked with agencies before, but they hadn’t seen returns that justified faith in third-party help. They needed a partner that understood their needs and could execute a strategy to pull them out of their rut.

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After connecting with 97th Floor, there was an immediate pivot to develop dynamic ads. The benefit of dynamic ads is that they test, validate, and pivot themselves automatically when set-up correctly, effectively saving the client expenses. 97th Floor produced multiple ad variants and set up the dynamic ads to begin the testing process. Immediately, ads were driving an ROI. After ads were running, a call extension was added, which created higher click through rates that eventually led to more form submissions. From there the bid strategy changed to maximize conversions, which better aligned with Outback’s goals. Adding more options allowed 97th Floor to optimize the ads and better connect with the target audience. This ultimately drove more conversions, which in this case meant more young lives changed for the better.


  • Increased conversions by 66%
  • Cost per conversion went down by 54%
  • Click through rates went up by 28%
  • Average cost per click decreased by 30%
Outback Wilderness Therapy is seeing record-high enrollments, while effectively pushing down ad spend. They continue to change the lives of teens in crisis for the better.