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Providing the highest quality performance supplements, Progenex is a primarily web-based business that offers a range of protein-based products and is widely recognized as the go-to solution for high-intensity exercise.


Progenex had been working with 97th Floor since 2015. And in that time, 97th Floor was able to help Progenex capture some very impressive wins. But as time wore on, organic traffic began to stagnate. Visitors were dropping off. What had been working before before wasn’t cutting it anymore.


Progenex needed a new approach to their content — one that would allow them to connect with customers effectively not only today, but also well into the future. They needed content with staying power, backed by the kind of links that would ensure enduring search engine visibility.


97th Floor knew how to make that happen.



In order to build effective site content for Progenex, 97th Floor designed a strategy that included:


  • In-depth keyword research
  • Detailed content ideation
  • Coordinated writing and design work
  • Superior internal and external link building 


97th Floor's strategy began with in-depth keyword research. From this research it became clear what kind of content would resonate with Progenex's target audience.


Creating effective content targeting the fitness market is easier said than done. To stand out in that crowd, you need content that is engaging, well written, and that catches the eye in just the right way. So 97th Floor brought their best content and design talent together and teamed them up with the Progenex content team to create the quality content they needed.


After publishing this content on the site, 97th Floor used relevant anchor text to build internal and external links to each new piece of content. From there, they waited to see how these changes would impact the Progenex site. 


As the on- and off-page optimizations took effect and the new content grew legs, Progenex's organic traffic began to increase. When comparing the most recent 12 months to the last 12 months, there was a 17.06% increase in Google organic users and a 26.17% increase in new users.


Progenex's ecommerce conversion rates also increased by 38% which contributed to a 73% increase in transactions and a 50% increase in overall revenue. 

Today Progenex has exceptional content on their website that has stayed relevant over long periods of time and continues to grow their organic traffic and overall revenue.