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Solo.io is an Application Networking Platform enabling companies to take the next step in their cloud journey. 

Solo came to 97th Floor for help increasing brand awareness and MQLs.

Existing campaigns performed poorly because the campaigns lacked mid-funnel focus to nurture conversion.

We needed a strong full-funnel strategy to increase leads for Solo at low cost.

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Our team started by conducting in-depth persona research to understand the tone and messaging that would resonate with Solo.io's target audience.

We then developed and pitched a full-funnel LinkedIn campaign that would target these personas for Solo’s two main products: Legacy API Gateway and Gloo Mesh.

The campaign relied on eBook downloads, a webinar and demo requests to move buyers down the funnel towards becoming leads.

Solo.io would deem the campaign successful if we achieved a CPL under $200. 


Across a four month campaign term, we generated:

  • 246 leads
  • at a cost per lead of $141

These results reflect a 26% increase in total leads and a 29% decrease in total cost per lead for Solo.


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By using personas to map the customer journey, Solo.io's revamped full-funnel strategy increased leads at a significantly lowered cost.