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Tomorrow Sleep

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Tomorrow Sleep, a newcomer with a game-changing product, was struggling to make themselves known in an industry dominated by a few big names.


And to make matters worse, the Tomorrow Sleep site was severely lacking in engaging content. It wasn’t bringing in enough traffic, and that meant that it wasn’t bringing in enough customers. What they needed was a way to stand out from the crowd, and engage their audience on their site. 



97th Floor designed a strategy to help increase Tomorrow Sleep’s organic traffic. This strategy included:


  • Optimizing existing pages for valuable keywords and semantic analysis terms
  • Creating new optimized content built with customer interest in mind
  • Using link building to improve off-page optimization
  • Incorporating design elements to improve engagement
  • Leveraging influencers to improve reach


97th Floor did the homework, found out what kinds of things mattress shoppers were interested in, and then crafted engaging content that would draw in the visitors and keep them there long enough to see what Tomorrow Sleep was all about. Because words on a page can get boring, 97th Floor used infographics to spice up the content and keep it fresh. They then brought in influencers to help get the right conversations going in the right places. 97th Floor implemented a full-scale, detail oriented digital content strategy, and in so doing, put Tomorrow Sleep’s traffic woes to rest. 


Even though Tomorrow Sleep had created a fantastic product that their clients were very satisfied with, they were struggling to get the organic site traffic necessary to drive valuable conversions. After working with 97th Floor, Tomorrow Sleep's daily organic traffic increased by 12 times the amount they started at. In just 10 months, 97th Floor optimized 38 of Tomorrow Sleep's web pages, which contributed to this game-changing SEO campaign.

Tomorrow Sleep now has an effective online presence, which has enabled their prospective customers to find them amid the other big names that have dominated this industry in the past.