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Upright Pose

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Upright Pose produces electronic posture correction devices. Like most companies Upright Post is working to increase their bottom line, company revenue. Upright Pose needed to expand reach to new audiences by positioning themselves as the leading expert on body posture.   With an internal marketing team in place, much of the messaging was being refined, but they knew that the expertise from 97th Floor would really help turn their vision into a strategy.

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To help Upright Pose accomplish their goals, 97th Floor would need to take Upright Pose from being a provider to a thought leader. Analysis of competitors within the space pulled in a large database of keywords, which were then narrowed down by their volume and engagement metrics. With a pool of keywords selected, 97th Floor knew what pieces of content would gain most attention and turn Upright Pose into a thought leader. 97th Floor optimized existing pages using the proprietary software to uncover optimizations for both semantics and internal links. This same research guided the creation of new pages that they knew would be highly beneficial for the target audience. 




One already ranking keyword jumped to the #1 spot after the optimizations were in place. Within one month of these optimizations, this term now ranks for nearly 1,000 additional keywords, contributing to hundreds of relevant visitors each month.

Within the first month of publishing, a different keyword began to rank on the first page for the target keyword and many more related terms. This ultimately drove hundreds of visits each month to the site.

With thousands on new keywords and spot 1 positions, Upright Pose is well on it's way to compounding SEO success.